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The Complete Guide to Upcycling Jewelry

We are always getting asked: can you use my old jewelry to make something new? And our answer is YES! At W.R. Metalarts, we’re constantly striving to strengthen our sustainability practices and reduce the environmental impact of our industry. One of the ways we do this is with our internal recycling program, where we upcycle precious metals, diamonds, and gemstones from heirloom pieces into new works of art! 




How Can I Repurpose My Heirloom Jewelry?

Perhaps you inherited your grandmother’s vintage earrings but they are just collecting dust in a drawer, unworn because they aren’t your style. Or maybe you wore your favorite ring to the gym and bent it while breaking your personal bench press record. Whatever your circumstances, W.R. Metalarts would love to work with you to transform your heirlooms into something new and create an updated piece of jewelry that you’re excited to wear! Our experienced metalsmiths are able to carefully deconstruct your special jewelry and then incorporate your gold, diamonds, and gemstones into a new custom or customized design! This is a great way to honor your memories and preserve the significance of the original jewelry. We love reimagining heirlooms so much, we’ve already written a whole blog about it! 

Can I Trade-In My Metal and Gemstones for Credit?

Upcycling heirlooms isn’t the only way W.R. Metalarts recycles! Recycling clients’ materials – whether in their own project or somebody else’s – is one way WRM reduces our environmental footprint. We happily give credit for the value of the platinum, gold, gemstones, or diamonds in your personal jewelry, even if you are not using those materials in your own project. You can apply this credit to your new project while feeling warm and fuzzy knowing your jewelry will get a new life in somebody else’s dream ring! 

Can I Make New Jewelry out of Recycled Materials?

Everyone can participate in our internal recycling program, whether you have jewelry to repurpose or not! WRM is committed to ethical and sustainable sourcing for all of our materials. All of the metal we use is either recycled or Fairmined. Our recycling program goes beyond precious metals; we have an inventory of vintage stones from clients’ heirloom jewelry. Incorporating these beautiful gems and diamonds into your project is one way we can bring your sparkly vision into reality! Besides being eco-friendly, recycled gemstones are also more affordable!

How Can I Recycle My Old Jewelry?

We love transforming jewelry that is no longer worn into something new that will continue to bring joy for years to come! Let us know if you’re excited about upcycling an heirloom, turning unworn jewelry into credit, or using recycled gold or stones in your own new project by using the chat button on the bottom right of your screen. We would be honored to help you bring your ideas to life!




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