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Something old, something new: using heirlooms in your project

One of the best things about jewelry is that it can be passed down through the generations. Travelling through lifetimes, jewelry is a profound way to stay connected with your loved ones.





At W.R. Metalarts, we love using client materials to make our pieces!  Whether you want a new setting for that family heirloom sapphire (heirloom stones may or may not be our favorites!), or you have a stunning pair of earrings hiding in a box that you think would make a better ring, we are happy to help bring your vision to life.

When it comes to metals, we are able to test them to see if it is an alloy that we work with which is generally 14k or 18k gold. There are two ways we craft projects out of solid metal: casting through our casting house or hand casting. Casting through our casting house relies on additional manufacturing elements in order to create your piece of jewelry allowing it to be more intricate. Hand casting however is the only method that is cultivated completely from scratch by our masterful craftspeople.  We can use your gold when hand casting, but not through our casting house. 

If you have perused our website, you may have come across something known as mokume gane.  Mokume gane is an intricate metalworking method that combines mixed metals to create a masterpiece that mimics the appearance of wood. It is possible to cast your heirloom piece into a liner for a mokume gane ring but we cannot craft the actual mokume gane with your gold.

If we cannot use your materials in your specific piece we are happy to apply the value of them as a credit towards your project. This is a beautiful way to recycle materials and heirlooms that are no longer sentimental for one person can turn into something new and meaningful for someone else!

We would be honored to play a role in bringing your ideas to fruition and create a unique piece of jewelry for you and for those who will enjoy it for years to come.





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