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Something Old

Something New

Something Old

Something New

First we assess your piece. We make sure the stones are in good condition to be removed from their settings and that the metal is an alloy that we can work with. Once we check over everything we get started on designs.

Just like our custom designs we will sketch or render (or both!) options for your new piece. We start off with a design consultation to talk through your ideas for the new piece and then send the designs over for your feedback.

Once we finalize the perfect design we get to work on bringing it to life!

By trusting us to renovate your piece you are carrying on the sentimentality of an heirloom but creating something that is all the more special to you!

  • Can I use family/heirloom stones to create a new ring?

    Absolutely! We love to use family/heirloom stones in our designs.

    We always assess the stones to make sure they will come out of their setting unscathed - sometimes a stone has cracks or inclusions that could break it when we unset it so we make sure to check it thoughly before unsetting it.

    Please be aware that in order to obtain the stones from the original piece, the setting on the original piece may no longer be viable.

  • Can you cast a ring that I have into a new piece using the same metal?

    In some cases, yes! We have made some beautiful pieces by casting together old family jewelry.

    We are only able to cast heirloom metal into liners for our mokume rings and other hand-cast designs like solid bands. In order to use the same metal the design must be cast (as opposed to fabricated). It may also depend on the alloy of the old metal. Many old alloys contain nickel which can make them difficult and unreliable to work with. We would be happy to discuss your project and talk about the possibilities! 

  • How much does a ring made with heirloom materials cost?

    Using heirloom materials is a great way to save money on a design! The most expensive part of a ring is often gemstones so using a family stone often brings down the price of a ring significantly.

    Using heirloom gold often comes out to a similar price as using new gold, however. This is because of the additional labor needed to smelt and recast the heirloom. We also might have to add more new gold to your heirloom material to have enough gold to cast a new piece depending on how much gold you provide and how much is needed for the new design.

  • If I don't want to use my materials can I get credit for them?

    Yes! Depending on the materials and our need for them we would be happy to offer a scrap value credit for them.

    You can use this credit on any project with us in the future!

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The Before and After

Lora W.

"I had an idea- Will made it a beautiful reality. He kept me informed during the project, cost was fair, final packaging was delightful. I will definitely buy again from him, both custom orders and items from his shop!"

Jake M.

"Will nailed all the details we talked about. It wasn't a part of the wedding I was particularly focused on, but it's become one of my favorite elements post-wedding. I smile every time I look at it. It's wonderful craftsmanship, affordable, and imbued with so much meaning. And great people to boot! Highly, highly recommended."

Linda S.

"Great experience! I had a customized ring made for my fiancé’s wedding band. They were Easy to work with and the ring came out exactly how we wanted."

W.R. Metalarts founder Will looking at a Apple computer screen of some rendered 3 dimensional image ring designs



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