We are so excited about this new collection! We have all been finding new ways to stay connected lately. From zoom happy hours, to writing letters, to sending little “thinking-of-you” gifts to our loved ones - we are all coming up with creative ways to share our love when we can’t share our space. W.R. Metalarts has grown into a spread out but interconnected team over the past year and it has brought a new level of closeness to our family business. Our metalsmiths Will and Vanessa wanted to celebrate our connections as creatives, artists, and friends through this collection. 

This collaboration is a mixture of Will’s signature mokume style with some of Vanessa’s favorite nature-inspired pieces. You can find all sorts of beautiful symbolism from the honeycomb-like mokume hexagon studs, to a pendant that is cast from an actual leaf in Vanessa’s studio!

Share your love with your favorite people near and far with one of these lovingly hand-crafted pieces. This collection was created in friendship and in celebration of love in all forms so you can share a little piece of W.R. Metalarts too!

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