Enjoy 23% off of your first order with us in 2023*

First time customers will have this exclusive discount applied at checkout when an order is placed. *This discount only applies to services and is not applicable towards grain and materials.


    $145 starting price. For complex designs with additional design edits additional $85 per hour of design time.

    CAD designs will be available within three business days of when an invoice is paid.


    $45 per wax print. We will need your design file in STL format. If any design adjustments are needed for the wax print it will be an additional $85/hour of design time.

    Wax prints will be ship within five business days of when an invoice is paid.


    Casting Cost (cost of grain is not included in casting price)

    • 1-5 pcs = $102/pc
    • 6-10 pcs = $92/pc
    • 11-20 pcs = $82/pc
    • 21+ = Custom Pricing


    • Rough cast = Free
    • Tumbled = $15 (Up to 20pcs included for $15 payment)

    Casting grain

    • All alloys are made with 100% Ecological Fairmined Gold and 100% Fairmined Silver. Sample prices below based on the gold market at $2,000. Actual prices will be based on the daily London spot price of gold and silver.
      - 14K Yellow Gold = $58.91/g
      - 18K Yellow Gold = $69.83/g
      - 14K Palladium White Gold = $85.02/g
      - 14K Nickel White Gold = $63.27/g
      - 14K Rose Gold = $63.27/g
      - Fine Silver = $4.41/g


    • By weight quoted on the final invoice. Your package will be insured through parcel pro in transit. Ships within ten business days of when an invoice is paid.

    $75 per mold (ready to mold item that fits into 3” x 3” x 5⁄8” mold).

    • Ready to mold includes pre-finished metal that requires no sealing/finishing/etc, natural items, wax or resin (wax may not survive).

    Casting and additional finishing fees apply to create a mold from a wax

    Custom pricing for larger molds upon request.

    (*We recommend creating a mold for any “fine jewelry finish” piece that will have production runs of 5+ pieces, as this will
    offset the cost for the hand finishing required by your bench jewelry in the final phases of production.)

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