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4 Ways to Set a Stone

Whether it's a diamond solitaire ring or a colorful gemstone pendant, the way a stone is set can affect everything from a stone's sparkle to the durability of the design. There are many different ways to set stones in jewelry, each with their own unique style and benefits. From classic prongs to modern bezels, it is important to understand the different options available to choose the right setting(s) for your special jewelry. In this blog, we will explore a few of our favorite settings to help you make an informed decision about your design. 


Prong Settings

Prong settings are one of the most popular and versatile options! Small metal prongs are bent over your stone(s) to hold them in place. This style allows more light into your stone, maximizing its sparkle and shine. From the number of prongs to their shapes and sizes, prong settings can look very traditional or wildly unique. The possibilities for prong designs are nearly endless!

While many of our most classic styles feature prong settings, like The Minimalist Solitaire and The Montana Sapphire Ring, prongs can also feel more organic, like The Mokume Twist Ring, or create modern vintage vibes, like The Morganite Halo and The Cat's Eye Ring

4 prong setting
Four-Prong Setting
Basket Setting
Four-Prong Basket Setting
V- prong setting
Double Prong setting
Double Prong Basket Setting

Bezel Settings

Worried about pokey little prongs catching on gloves or clothing? A bezel setting might be the choice for you! In this style, a smooth, thin metal rim encircles the gemstone, holding it in place. Bezel settings are very secure and can help protect gemstones from accidental scratches or other damage. This type of setting may also enhance a gemstone's color and brilliance as the metal frame reflects light onto the stone. Bezels are a sleek choice for solitaires, as featured in our ‘Gold For Good’ Fairmined Solitaire Collection, as well as for multi-stone rings, like our Seven Stone Anniversary Bands.

There are two types of bezel settings: full bezel and partial bezel. A full bezel setting completely surrounds the gemstone, like The Square Cut Garnet Mokume Ring, while a partial bezel only covers part of the gemstone's girdle (the widest part of the stone), like The Mokume Embrace. Most of our catalog designs with prong settings can be customized with bezel settings!
Bezel Setting
Bezel Setting
Partial Bezel Setting
Partial Bezel Setting

Pavé Settings

Pavé means “cobblestone” and “paved” in French. Pavé Settings feature small diamonds or gemstones that are set very close together, to create a continuous sparkling surface of round stones around the ring shank. The stones are all held in place by small metal beads or teeny prongs. Pavé settings bring a lot of brilliance and sparkle to any piece of jewelry; they look beautiful on their own and when complementing larger stones in other settings.

While white diamonds are the traditional choice for pavé settings, we love mixing things up with more colorful stones, like The Rainbow Band and The Black Pavé Band. Pavé settings can also be used in nesting or contour bands, like The Pavé Contour Band.


Pave setting

Flush Settings

In Flush Settings, gemstones are set into the metal so the tops of the stones are level (or flush) with the metals’ surface. The metal around each stone is pushed over its edges, creating a consistent rim all around the stone, holding it securely in place. Flush settings are extremely durable, and it is nearly impossible for a flush-set stone to fall out.  

Only the tops of the stones are visible; the sides and bottoms are hidden below the surface of the metal. This ultra-low-profile setting is comfortable and completely snag-free, as there is nothing above the ring shank to catch on gloves, hair, or clothing. While other settings allow more light into your gemstones, flush settings create a sleek and elegant look of their own, like in The Scattered Stars Ring. If your style is more subtle than blingy, flush settings might be the perfect way to bring a bit of sparkle to your special jewelry.


Flush setting
Single Flush Setting



We hope this blog has shed some light on a few different stone settings and their unique features. Whether you prefer the classic elegance of prongs, the sleekness of bezels, the dazzle of pavé, or the modern simplicity of flush settings, we would love to help you design your dream ring!  Learn more about our Customizing option, where you can customize one of our catalog designs with your favorite stone settings. If you’re dreaming of a completely custom design that incorporates one or more of these settings, tell us all about it! We look forward to bringing your vision to life!  




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