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We are the W.R. Metalarts team, nice to meet you! We are makers, creatives, and believers in ethically and sustainably sourced jewelry. We craft beautiful works of art through authentic client-maker relationships.

Who We Are

The W.R. Metalarts team caters to clientele that want a personal and collaborative relationship with their makers, and jewelry with a story that they can feel good about. Skilled artistic vision and unconditional support for our clients come together to create a beautiful one-of-a-kind experience and work of art you will enjoy forever.

As a family-owned business based out of Brattleboro Vermont - our work is non-traditional just like us! We put so much love and care into everything we create and we feel incredibly honored to be part of your love stories!

We are believers in ethically created jewelry and sustainably sourced materials. We prioritize workers' rights and are ever-conscious of our environmental impact. Every piece of our work is meticulously thought through to ensure it will enrich the lives of the people who helped bring your vision to life. By working with local small-family stone suppliers and miners, recycled and fair-mined metals and gems, and supporting other small businesses you can know that your work of art supported fellow artisans and was created with a love for the environment.

We know there is always more we can do to support fellow artisans and workers, as well as lessen our environmental impact. We strive to stay informed and continue to research methods of sustainability and ethical sourcing so W.R. Metalarts is leading in the highest standards in the industry.

We are so passionate about creating beautiful symbols of love that you can cherish for generations. Let's bring your dream idea to life together!

Master Jeweler & co-owner


Will is a metalsmith and jeweler located in Brattleboro, Vermont. He blends ancient techniques of mokume gane, lost wax carving and casting, and precious metal fabrication with his training in modern technologies such as 3-D CAD/CAM computer rendered design. Will graduated from Earlham College in 2011 with a degree in fine art metalsmithing. Will spent four years in fine art foundry management at New England Sculpture Service, in Boston, and Wegner Metalarts in Fredericksburg, Virgina. Will is an alumnus of the Mass MoCA Assets for Artists program, and the Greater Boston Arts and Business Council's Artist Toolbox.

project & marketing manager


Jessica has a combined degree in Environmental Studies and Humanities and is passionate about ethical sourcing and sustainability. A true extrovert she is just as excited about your project as you are! She has experience in hospitality, and a love for nature, activism, and art. She ensures that our clients have the most special, ethically-driven, ring buying experience in the world.



Vanessa met Will in college where she was the teaching assistant in his first metals class. They became fast friends and have collaborated on many projects together over the past ten years. She has a masters in metalsmithing and is exceptionally skilled in wax-carving and casting. Bringing new life to family heirlooms is a passion of hers and she loves recasting old rings into new W.R. Metalarts pieces. She also does beautiful work in ceramics and woodworking when not creating stunning jewelry.



Martin attended Earlham with Will and Vanessa and Will was actually his T.A. in their metalsmithing class together! Martin is extensively trained in Turkish coppersmithing and has participated in many prestigious craft shows over the years such as the Smithsonian show and the American Craft Council Baltimore retail show, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art show.

Studio Manager


Kristen manages the Vermont studio, helping with photography, blog writing, social media, shipping, and managing our stone inventory. Every one of our orders is lovingly packaged by her before being sent out to you! In her free time she loves crafting, reading, hiking, and spending time with her dog, Little Bear.



Based out of the UK, George is the newest member of the W.R. Metalarts team. He has a passion for creativity and extensive experience in CAD and the arts. When he's not working, George loves to spend time outside gardening, exploring, and birdwatching.


This year was filled with slow and exciting steps back towards normalcy again! Our entire team got vaccinated and started to share time with friends and loved ones once again.

Jessica moved into the position of Operations Director, Kristen has joined our team as our Studio Manager, and we hired our first designer: George! 2021 was our busiest year to date so far and we expanded our catalog, leveled up our sourcing practices, and as usual worked with incredibly creative clients on custom designs.


What an eventful year! We started off by welcoming Jessica to the team and by March we had to transition to operating completely out of our home studio because of Covid-19. We were so fortunate to receive so much support and love through the year and we made over two hundred and thirty rings! WOW!!


In October of 2019, Rosie was offered an oppertunity to return to non-profit work as the Project Director for a federal grant, focused on reducing opiate deaths in our Vermont community. So she stepped back from managing the business to jump back into work in the non-profit sector. Will took over custom design and with such an amazing year filled with new opportunities, W.R. Metalarts was able to expand its team for the first time. In December of 2019 Jessica joined the team!

2016, 2017 & 2018

After welcoming their first child in 2017, Rosie felt a need to return to her creative roots, and a desire to invest her legal/business management skills in the family business. She joined Will full-time in 2018 as lead jewelry designer and business/marketing director. Located in The Cotton Mill Building in Brattleboro, Vermont, the jewelry studio is accessible to clients worldwide via their online marketplace and virtual communications. Rosie had an amazing year managing and scaling their new family business.

2014 & 2015

Rosie and Will tied the knot! The wedding took place at an old New Hampshire summer camp surrounded by family and lots of friends. They baked thirty pies, had a craft beer-luck, and welcome bbq, swam in the lake, arranged flowers Rosie's mom grew in her garden, and celebrated Will and Rosie's love for a whole magical weekend. Rosie even make her wedding dress and Will's vest, and Will made their rings (of course!).

Then in 2015 they moved to Brattleboro, Vermont and Will took on the jewelry business full time!


Rosie and Will moved to Boston for Rosie to attend law school, with a concentration in non-profit and small business management. Will took a job at New England Sculpture Service (now Sincere Metalworks!) and continued to grow his foundry management career, working on various Boston public art commissions such as Edgar Alan Poe, Bill Russell, and the Boston Common Ducklings. Will was awarded a creative business development fellowship from Mass MoCA to scale the jewelry business, and their living room hobby launched into a full-scale boutique ring business and custom design service.  


Will and Rosie moved to Fredericksburg, Virginia where Will kickstarted his career as a fine art bronze foundry manager. There he managed large scale metal casting for private artists, and production award casts for notable clients such as the CIA and National Parks Service. By night, Rosie began designing jewelry for Will to make and managing the business end of their small jewelry enterprise. They began to travel to craft shows and take commissions for custom orders.


Rosie and Will met in an art studio in Indiana at Earlham College in 2010. What began as a friendship grounded in a passion for art and creativity in the studio, grew into a budding romance. Will learned the ancient technique of mokume gane from his professor and mentor and it wasn't long before he was making the stunning woodgrain bands that would someday become the signature style of W.R. Metalarts

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