Customizing a Design FAQ


Customizing a design is a great option if you either love one of our current designs but want to tweak it slightly (read on to learn about ways you can change a design!), want it sooner than a completely custom design (which takes about four months to produce), or want to add a little unique flair to your W.R. Metalarts piece. 

Q: How can I customize a ring?

There are lots of ways to customize one of our existing designs! The main customization request we encounter is swapping out gemstones. For example you can request a customization of one of our diamond solitaires to have a mossanite or white sapphire to bring down the price or you can swap a stone to be a different shape, color, size, or quality. We are happy to explore all the different options of stones with you to make sure you are getting your dream ring that fits your style and budget preferences.

You can also request that a ring be made in a different metal if it is not listed on our website! We work with: 14k and 18k yellow, rose, and white gold, 14k palladium white gold, and platinum. We do not work with silver, or copper except in our mokume gane pieces and accessories.

We can also make our rings in any width and any size! We do not believe in charging a higher price for higher sizes so whether you are a size 3 or a size 13 (we carry sizes 0 to 16 and are the only ones in the jewelry industry to do so!), your ring will be the same price. If you would like a different width than we offer on our website just message us and we can send over a custom invoice! The only thing to keep in mind is that width differences will change the price so if you are curious about the price difference we are happy to send over a quote.

We can even add engravings to rings too! Just email us a screenshot of what you would like engraved when you complete your invoice and we can add any engraving you like (we recommend keeping it short and sweet) to the inside of your ring.

The sky is the limit with customization so please always feel free to reach out no matter the request!

Q: What is your process for customizing rings?

We generally begin with a free 30 minute design consult over Zoom where you tell us how you would like to alter one of our existing designs. If you are excited to get started we will send over an invoice for the altered design right away so we can jump into production. If we don't finalize the design during our call we ask for a $300 design deposit (non-refundable, but applied toward your final balance) so we can explore tweaking the design to be your dream ring. Once we have the final design we will create a custom invoice for the balance less the design deposit. 

Q: How much do customized rings cost?

It varies! Some customizations lower items from their original listing price such as swapping a diamond for a goshenite stone and some customizations raise prices such as making a ring in platinum instead of 14k yellow gold. It totally depends on what you are looking for in your ring!

Q: How long does it take to produce a customized piece?

Currently it takes us about 6-10 weeks to complete a customized ring depending on the extent we are changing a design. If we are just swapping a gemstone but leaving the design unaltered otherwise it often means a shorter timeline but other changes can take longer to produce. If you have a specific timeline in mind please let us know and we can do our best to make it work! We can offer a rush production for $150-$500 (depending on the project and the timeline) plus expedited shipping costs. We make ourselves readily available to assist with any and all design decisions, however it is the client's ultimate responsibility to make a final decision and allow enough time for production. We will send you lots of friendly reminders!

Q: Can I use family/heirloom stones to create a new ring?

Absolutely! We love to use family/heirloom stones in customized designs. Please be aware that in order to obtain the stones from the original piece, the setting on the original piece may no longer be viable.

Q: Can you cast a ring that I have into a new piece using the same metal?

In some cases, yes! In order to use the same metal the design must be hand-cast (as opposed to fabricated or cast in our casting house). It may also depend on the alloy of the old metal. Many old alloys contain nickel which can make them difficult to work with. We would be happy to discuss your project in person and talk about the possibilities! 

Q: Can I trade you gold for a credit to my account?

Yes, in most cases we can offer a credit equal to the current scrap value of the gold.

Q: Can I trade you diamonds for a credit to my account?

Sometimes! As a small business we do not always have the cash on hand to purchase diamonds for credit, however if we have a current project that we can use the stones in we would be most happy to source them from your recycled jewelry!

Q: What is your return policy for customized rings?

We make every possible effort to ensure that you absolutely love the ring you receive. Each of our customized rings is a design completely tailored to you---therefore we are not able to offer returns on customized rings. In order to ensure that you love your design, we have you approve design elements every step of the way. If you are there is a craftsmanship defect when your ring arrives, we will make ever effort to correct or repair it so long as we are notified within 14 days of delivery (see our returns policy for more information). 

Q: Who retains the copyrights and rights to reproduction of customized designs?

We retain all the rights to our customized designs, which includes and is not limited to the right to reproduce the designs or for sale in our eCommerce store, without limitation, at any time. Unless otherwise noted in a written agreement, all customized designs are considered intellectual property of W.R. Metalarts.