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Your Guide to Yellow Gemstones

 The color yellow represents energy, joy, and happiness. It is a warming color that is sure to brighten anyone's day. With these amazing qualities, who wouldn’t want yellow stones in every jewelry piece? 


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Here are some of our favorite yellow stones to work with…

Yellow Sapphires

As we’ve talked about in our other rainbow stone guide posts, sapphires come in virtually every color. Sapphires are amazing when it comes to both their resilience and beauty.  We love working with Montana sapphires especially because we can ensure that they are sourced to the highest standards of ethics and sustainability in the mining industry. Sapphires symbolize wisdom and creativity making them a perfect stone for the creative in your life! 

Yellow Beryl  

Yellow beryl is also known as heliodore. It is a member of the beryl family like aquamarine, emerald, and morganite. It is a more affordable alternative to yellow sapphires but is equally as stunning! Yellow beryl ranges from pale yellow to golden in hue and we often source these stunning stones from New Hampshire.


The Oregon sunstone is a stunning gemstone that comes in varieties of red, orange, and you guessed it... yellow! It is regarded as a stone of optimism and goodwill (and who doesn’t need more of that?). 




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