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Yellow, Rose, and White Gold

Before we dive into the difference between these beautiful golds, it is important to know about pure gold versus gold alloys. The only gold that is pure gold is 24 karat (K) gold. 24K gold does not have any other metals mixed into it compared to 22 karat, 18 karat, or 14 karat which are gold alloys. 

While 24K gold is stunning, it is also not practical for everyday wear, or even in metalworking. Since 24K gold is not an alloy it is extremely soft. This means that it breaks, bends and scratches easily. At W.R. Metalarts, we use 14K-18K gold to ensure long lasting durability and elegance.




White Gold 

White gold is a mix between gold and a silver alloy such as palladium or nickel. Palladium, a personal favorite of ours at W.R. Metalarts, is much rarer and is perfect for those with sensitive skin. If you like the look of platinum, but it isn’t within your budget, white gold is a wonderful option. Compared to yellow and rose gold, white gold is slightly more durable and more scratch resistant. White gold has a unique warm gleam to it that many love to pair with the brilliance of diamonds and other precious gemstones. It is a great choice for someone who wants a warm white tone of metal instead of the strong cool tones of platinum and palladium.

We also often get asked: Isn't white gold just rhodium plated yellow gold? Won't I have to replate it as the finish gets worn away?

But have no fear! We work exclusively with white gold alloys that are not rhodium plated and are solid white gold. This way you never need to worry about replating your piece and you can be sure it will stay the same color as the day you bought it! Our standard 14k white gold is comprised of 58.55% gold, 17.5% copper, 8.95% zinc and 15% nickel. If you have sensitivities or allergies to any of these metals we would recommend solid platinum if you are looking for a silver color in your piece.



Yellow Gold

If you’re someone who loves the look of classic gold, then yellow gold is for you! Since the alloys we work with are the perfect balance between luster and durability, it will stand the test of time while granting a classic, glowing look to your jewelry piece. Yellow gold looks amazing on everyone and is a classic choice for a reason!


Rose Gold

Rose gold is a gold and copper alloy that has a pink tone to it. This rosey coloring gives a romantic and vintage feel to jewelry pieces making it a perfect option for engagement and anniversary presents. Don’t be fooled by the gentle appearance of this metal. Because it is a copper alloy it is incredibly strong and can withstand all of your amazing adventures.


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