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What Makes a Life Proof Ring?

Selecting the right jewelry style is an important (and fun) decision, especially when it comes to rings that you plan to wear every day. Your lifestyle plays a significant role in this choice, and if you're an active person, opting for durable jewelry is key. In this article, we'll delve into the elements that make a ring truly life-proof, focusing on the setting, the stone, and the shank.

The Setting

When it comes to durability, the setting of a ring is paramount. Two styles stand out for their robustness: flush and bezel settings. A flush setting ensures the stone is embedded in the band, minimizing its exposure to external forces. Bezels, on the other hand, encase the stone with a metal rim, offering both protection and a sleek look. These settings not only enhance the durability of the ring but also reduce the chances of the stone getting snagged on clothing or other objects during your daily routine.

W.R. Metalarts bezel setting engagement ring

Bezel Setting


W.R. Metalarts Partial Bezel Setting Engagement Ring

Partial Bezel Setting


W.R. Metalarts Flush Setting Engagement Ring

Flush Setting


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The Stone

Choosing the right stone is crucial for a life-proof ring. Diamonds are renowned for their exceptional hardness, making them one of the most durable options. Sapphires, with their robust composition, are also an excellent choice. Both stones can withstand everyday wear and tear, ensuring your ring remains pristine. Additionally, their timeless beauty ensures your ring will be as enduring in style as it is in durability. 

W.R. Metalarts gemstone mohs hardness guide


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The Band

The width of the ring's band, known as the shank, is another factor that contributes to its durability. For a very durable ring, opt for a minimum width of at least 3mm. It's advised not to go thinner than 2mm for the sake of longevity. A slightly broader shank provides more stability, reducing the risk of bending or warping over time. Strike the right balance between elegance and durability by choosing a band width that suits your style while ensuring the ring can withstand the demands of your lifestyle.

W.R. Metalarts Ring Shanks


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Finding or creating a life-proof ring means creating a harmonious blend of the right setting, stone, and band width. By choosing a flush or bezel setting, diamonds or sapphires, and a band width of at least 3mm, you ensure that your ring can withstand the rigors of your active lifestyle. Investing in a durable ring not only guarantees its longevity but also allows you to wear your cherished piece with confidence every day.

Selecting jewelry that aligns with your lifestyle is a thoughtful process, and understanding the elements that contribute to a life-proof ring is essential. With the right choices, your ring becomes more than just an accessory; it becomes a lasting symbol of your style and resilience. So, go forth and make the informed choices that will keep your jewelry shining through every twist and turn life brings your way.

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