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The Dapper Gift Guide

Whether you’re looking for Father’s Day gifts for your dads, a birthday present for your stylish grandpa, an elopement memento for your dreamy partner, or a special treat for yourself, finding the perfect gift for the dapper people in your life is not always easy! We’ve put together this little gift guide to help.

 Dapper: A style for folks of all genders who express themselves through a sophisticated masculine or androgynous look with comfort and confidence.

The Dapper Line
W.R. Metalarts founder Will is quite the dapper guy! His struggle to find elegant masculine jewelry options inspired The Dapper Line, a special collection designed for folx who identify as masculine, androgynous, non-binary, gender fluid, and anyone else who wants to be a bit more dashing and debonair! 

Our talented metalsmiths Will, Vanessa, and Martin collaborated on this project, blending their individual perspectives and talents together with a shared passion for inclusion. They brought to life a collection that explores queer masculinity and the androgyny of classic masculine pieces with traditionally feminine elements, such as gemstones, intricate carvings, and delicate patterns. With elegant tie bars, ultra-wearable bracelets, and chic cufflinks, this genderless collection is sure to elevate even the most dapper ensemble! 

Dapper Tie Bars GIF

Tie Bars

Whether your special someone wears ties every day or just for special occasions, our one-of-a-kind, handcrafted tie bars are sure to spruce up their look!

The Topography Tie Bar and The Mokume Stars Tie Bar flaunt intricate mokume designs, both created by hand-twisting layers of silver and copper together. A sterling silver backing complements each distinctive mokume pattern, creating a tie bar as original as its wearer! 



Martin carves both The Mountain Air Tie Bar and The Steps to Mokume Tie Bar by hand before adding a piece of hand-twisted mokume gane, making each of these tie bars truly unique. These intricately carved tie bars are made of silver with mokume gane made of silver and copper. 

The intricately carved designs on The Gilded Garnet Tie Bar and The Gilded Steps Tie Bar are also done entirely by hand. These striking tie bars are made in silver with 22k yellow gold plating over the carved areas. A 2mm round fiery Arizona garnet adorns the center of The Gilden Garnet Tie Bar, adding an extra luxurious touch. 

Tie bars make beautiful wedding party gifts to show your friends, family, or partner how much you appreciate them supporting you on your special day. W.R. Metalarts can engrave a small date or name on the back of any of our tie bars upon request.

Cuff Bracelets 

The four cuff bracelets in this collection look stunning when paired with a coordinating tie bar or when worn on their own.  Each cuff is made of solid silver and incorporates mokume gane in the design in some way. Learn more about the ancient mokume gane technique here. The most versatile accessory on this list, cuff bracelets can dress up any outfit! 


The Mountain Air Cuff is intricately carved by hand using a similar technique as The Mountain Air Tie Bar. To complement the carved silver, a piece of hand-twisted mokume gane adds a small rustic touch to this refined accessory. This bracelet measures 7mm wide. 

All three of these Mokume Cuffs highlight the beautiful patterns Vanessa can create by twisting 25 layers of metal together. Due to the handcrafted nature of the mokume gane technique, no two cuffs are exactly alike! 

The mokume’s star pattern takes center stage on The Mokume Stars Cuff. Backed by sterling silver, this bracelet measures 5mm wide. For those who favor a wider cuff, The Path of Stars Mokume Gane Wide Bracelet is perfection! The star-patterned mokume gane is inlaid onto a sterling silver cuff measuring 15mm wide. Looking to coordinate accessories between partners or among a small group, such as a wedding party? Both of these cuffs would tie together nicely (pun intended) with The Mokume Stars Tie Bar while honoring a diversity of personal styles.


Mokume Topography Cuff


Sleek silver edges surround the mokume gane on The Mokume Topography Cuff, which measures 15mm wide at its widest point and 4mm at its narrowest. For some of us at W.R. Metalarts, the wavy mokume pattern evokes fond memories of friends leaning in closely to study one topographical trail map on backpacking adventures. What do you see in this beautiful abstract design? 

 As with all W.R. Metalarts pieces, any of the cuffs can be adjusted for larger or smaller wrist sizes at no extra cost. Just send us a message with your order!


Cufflinks on grey background



It’s all about the little details! Handcrafted cufflinks are all you need to turn the Dapper Dial up to an 11. 

 Mokume Gane cufflinks on white background

Add a touch of dapper to your shirtsleeves with these one-of-a-kind cufflinks. The handcrafted Mokume Gane Hexagon Cufflinks add a subtle rustic element to any outfit. These cufflinks are made with hand-forged copper and silver mokume gane on a backplate of solid silver with silver bullet backs.


Perfect for an elegant adventurer, our charming compass cufflinks are hand carved out of solid gold or silver and accented with ethically-sourced gemstones. The Black Spinel Compass Cufflinks incorporate 2mm round black spinels from Australia while The Garnet Compass Cufflinks hold 2mm round garnets from Arizona. Measuring 13.5mm wide, a solid silver backplate with silver bullet backs completes each stylish piece. 




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