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The REAL guide to finding your ring size

If you're getting ready to do some ring shopping, the very first thing you need to do is figure out your ring size. There are lots of measuring methods out there, but don't be fooled – many of them won't give you the right results. Don't worry, though! We're here to tell you which common tips to avoid, and guide you through some foolproof methods that will help you find your perfect fit.

Ring size measuring methods to AVOID 

So, let's talk about some at-home methods that seem easy, but don’t yield the best result. They’re commonly suggested, but honestly, they can be pretty inaccurate: 

First up, there's the String or Paper Strip Method. You wrap a string or paper around your finger, mark where it overlaps, and boom - done! Sounds easy, right? Well, the problem is that the tension and thickness of the material can mess with the measurements, giving you the wrong size.

Next, we've got
Ring Sizing Charts. These charts show a bunch of circles with corresponding sizes. The idea is to slip your existing ring over the circles until you find the best match. But the issue is, the sizes on different charts might not play nice together, and the accuracy depends on having a ring that fits you just right.

And lastly, let’s cover
Online Ring Sizer Printouts. Some websites offer printable sizers for you to measure your finger. Just hit print, cut, measure away, and you're set! Right? Not quite. Printer settings can throw everything off, like scaling and alignment, messing with your size accuracy.

These methods might seem easy, but the inaccuracy of the results will likely make things harder in the long run. With ring shopping is daunting as it is - we highly recommend making sure you get started on the right foot with correct sizing! 

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How to find your ring size ACCURATELY

Though we may have debunked some seemingly simple at-home measuring methods, we’ve got other suggestions that are just as manageable. Use one of these methods to determine your correct ring size: 

Visit a jeweler for professional ring sizing. Any local jeweler will have a set of precise ring sizers, which you can try on to determine the perfect fit. This method ensures accuracy and is the most reliable way to find your ring size. Super easy! 

If you can’t visit a jeweler in person, just
order an accurate ring sizer online. Unlike printable paper versions, plastic ring sizers are standardized and provide much more reliable results. You can even order one of these ring sizers for free right here on our website! Can’t beat that.  

Finally - and maybe most obviously - to determine the correct size for your new ring, just
use the same size as a ring that already fits. Make sure to take into account which finger you’ll want to wear your new ring on, and use a ring that fits on that same finger. If you’re not sure what size your ring is, you can always ask a jeweler in-person or send your ring to a jeweler (like us!) via mail service for sizing evaluation. 

Buying a new piece of jewelry is a special experience that merits thoughtful preparation, and sizing is a crucial step. Don’t skimp! 

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Go forth and find your perfect fit

Determining your accurate ring size is the essential first step in any ring shopping journey. While some at-home methods might seem tempting, it's vital to steer clear of those inaccurate techniques that can lead to disappointment in the end. Instead, opt for foolproof methods that guarantee precise measurements. If you embrace these accurate methods, you'll be well on your way to a delightful and successful ring shopping experience! Happy ring hunting!

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