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Supplier Spotlight: Moyo Gems

If you're in the market for exquisite gemstones that not only dazzle but also make a positive impact, you're not alone! We are so excited to spotlight one of our favorite sourcing partners, Moyo Gems - a responsible miner-to-market gemstone collaboration that has its roots in East Africa. We will touch on what sets Moyo Gems apart, why we work with them to source our gemstones, and how you can support the Moyo Gems mission yourself. 

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Introducing Moyo Gems 

Moyo Gems partners with women artisanal gem miners in Tanzania and Kenya, along with their male allies, to bring stunning gemstones to the global market. Moyo Gems upholds a strong commitment to promoting empowerment, fairness, and ethical practices along the supply chain. With a mission deeply rooted in miner empowerment, Moyo Gems strives to ensure fair trade, enhance financial security for miners, and create equitable markets for gemstones. Their commitment to miner education helps set a new standard for ethical sourcing in the jewelry industry. Instead of using middlemen, miners themselves are selling the rough gemstones, generating money directly for their own community - which is something we can all get behind! 

What makes Moyo Gems special?

What sets Moyo Gems apart is their commitment to miner empowerment and supply chain transparency. The name "Moyo" means “heart” in Kiswahili, a language widely spoken in Tanzania and Kenya. This name encapsulates their mission, as Moyo Gems truly represents "gems from the heart." They work hard to empower women miners, improve mining conditions, enhance financial security, and create equitable markets for fair trade. For example, Moyo educates miners about the true cost of the gemstones they’re mining, to help workers ensure that they are paid a fair price for their valuable goods. This education is supremely empowering for mining groups that have historically been marginalized from the global market and devalued for their hard work. 

In a world where ethical concerns in the jewelry industry loom large, Moyo Gems is a beacon of hope. Their dedication to empowering miners and ensuring responsible practices offers the perfect model for others to follow. We are excited to be part of this journey towards a more ethical and sustainable jewelry industry, one gem at a time.

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Meet the women gemstone producers of Tanzania's Umba Valley

Why W.R. Metalarts chooses Moyo Gems 

At W.R. Metalarts we are proud to work with Moyo Gems because we share their commitment to integrity and transparent sourcing. Moyo Gems aligns perfectly with our mission to ensure that every person involved in crafting our jewelry is treated with dignity and receives fair compensation. Like Moyo Gems, we proactively engage with miners, stonecutters, and refiners in our supply chain to ensure our materials meet our ethical standards. We believe in forging personal relationships with our suppliers to guarantee that your jewelry is made with integrity, intention, and transparent practices. It is clear that organizations like Moyo Gems are necessary players for creating a more responsible jewelry industry - and we are committed to supporting this initiative every step of the way. 

How you can be a part of the positive change

When you choose a transparently sourced gemstone like one from Moyo Gems, you're not just acquiring a beautiful piece of jewelry - you're also supporting a network that knows exactly who mined the gem, where it came from, and who cut it. The traceability of Moyo Gems adds an extra layer of assurance, giving you peace of mind that your jewelry is aligned with your values. 

So, the next time you wear a piece of jewelry adorned with a Moyo Gem, remember that it not only sparkles with beauty but also shines with the light of ethical sourcing and empowerment. Together, we can make a difference—one gemstone at a time.

Click here to explore our collection of Moyo Gems, or feel free to email us at to start a custom piece containing a Moyo Gem or other ethically mined gemstone. Your jewelry can indeed tell a story not only of love and beauty, but also of ethical and sustainable values.


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