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Stone Spotlight: Alexandrite


alexandrite gemstone


Color: Alexandrite is a unique gemstone that exhibits a remarkable color-changing ability, appearing green in daylight and reddish-purple in incandescent or artificial light. 

Our Sources: Due to its rarity, we source lab-grown Alexandrite as a cost-effective measure. Whenever possible, we search for sources in-person at events like the Tucson gem show, where we are able to ask questions about origin and ethical practices. Until we find a reliably transparent source, we will continue sourcing Alexandrite only on a project-by-project basis.  

Stone Cutting: We are continuing our research to find a consistently transparent sourcing and cutting option for Alexandrite. Currently, our available sources don't provide quite enough information to meet our transparent sourcing criteria. If you're looking for a more traceable stone, we do offer some super unique color-shifting garnets and sapphires.   

The Mokume Square Cut Branch Ring white gold princess cut alexandrite bezel setting

Custom Alexandrite Mokume Gane Branch Ring


More on Alexandrite: Alexandrite is the traditional birthstone for June, and is sometimes given as a 55th wedding anniversary gift. This stone is a durable one - rated a 8.5 on the Mohs hardness scale - a great choice for everyday jewelry!

Discovered in 1834 in Russia, Alexandrite was initially mistaken for an emerald due to its green color, but was later identified as a new mineral species. Alexandrite's captivating colorchanging ability is due to the presence of chromium, which absorbs different wavelengths of light depending on the lighting conditions. Prized for its unique coloration, Alexandrite is a rare gemstone, and high-quality specimens can fetch a hefty price. 

Alexandrite is believed to have powerful healing properties and is said to promote self-awareness, creativity, and intuition. It is also believed to balance the energies of the body and enhance spiritual growth and transformation. Some people wear alexandrite as a talisman to ward off negative energy and bring good luck.


WR Metalarts Custom Alexandrite Fairmined Gold Unique Wedding Rings

 Custom Alexandrite and Diamond Multi Stone Ring


Our Commitment to Ethical Sourcing: W.R. Metalarts strives to know the full story of the materials we use in our jewelry. We are committed to supporting artisanal miners and mining communities, promoting healthy and safe working conditions, and avoiding environmentally destructive practices. We are dedicated to deepening our understanding and working to address the historical and ongoing harm of the jewelry industry on indigenous communities and communities of color all around the world. We do not claim to have all of the answers; we are constantly evaluating our practices as we gain a more nuanced understanding of our complex industry. Transparency is critical so that you, our clients and collaborators, can trust that we’ve done all we can to create the most beautiful jewelry - not just the end result, but beautiful at every step of the journey.

The way that we back up these values is to do our homework, putting our suppliers through rigorous vetting processes. We don’t take our vendors at face value when they say a stone is “conflict-free” or “sustainable;” we push them to give us the whole story about the journey of a stone and if they are not able to back up their claims of “ethics'' with sources or credentials, we won’t work with them. We source directly from local cutters and miners, when possible, which is one way to ensure ethical, responsible, and sustainable business practices. It takes time and diligence to find suppliers that we trust, but once we find them, we forge incredible relationships built on our shared values of transparency, accountability, and doing good. 

Thank you for supporting responsible sourcing!


Alexandrite Gemstone



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