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So You Want to Propose...Now What?

A Practical Guide to Finding or Designing the Perfect Engagement Ring


Congratulations on reaching this exciting milestone! Whether you're planning a surprise proposal or looking for input from your partner, finding or designing the perfect engagement ring is a special and thoughtful journey. If you’re not sure what to do after deciding to propose, don’t worry - this guide will walk you through the key steps one by one. Let's break it down into two paths - "If It's a Surprise" and "If It's Not a Surprise." 

If It’s a Surprise 

  1. Find Their Ring Size as Early as Possible

One of the trickiest parts of a surprise proposal is nailing the ring size. The best way to do this is by working with a jeweler. We recommend discreetly borrowing a ring that your partner already wears on their left ring finger, and taking it to a jeweler to get sized. The earlier you do this, the better!


  1. Ask Their Friends About Design Preferences

Your partner’s close friends can be a great resource. Reach out to them to ask about styles or details your partner may appreciate. Who knows, maybe they’ve been exchanging photos or ideas about what your partner is hoping for in their engagement ring. A subtle approach will keep the surprise intact.


  1. Check Their Pinterest or Saved Instagram Posts

If you feel like it's appropriate, social media can offer valuable clues. A quick scroll through their saved posts or Pinterest boards might reveal styles, metals, or stones they adore.


  1. Consider Their Values and Ethics:

Think about your partner's values and ethics. Would they prefer traceable stones, or lab-grown stones? If sustainability is a core value for your partner, then choosing Fairmined gold is the most effective way to incorporate that sentiment into their jewelry piece. These considerations will make the final product even more special and impactful not just for your partner, but for our planet and its people. 


  1. Schedule a Consultation Call

Reach out to a jeweler (like us!) for a consultation call. Share the information you've gathered to see what the options are. Make sure to discuss your partner’s lifestyle (like whether they work with their hands) so that the ring style is durable enough for everyday wear. You’ll be surprised how easy it can be from there! 




If It’s Not a Surprise  

  1. Find Their Ring Size

Visit a jeweler to get sized, or request a free ring sizer from our website. Taking this step together can be a bonding experience, and it's an important part of making sure the ring fits perfectly.


  1. Ask About Design Preferences

Open a conversation about design preferences. Discuss styles, metals, and stones to understand your partner’s taste and personality. Also, chat about lifestyle to make sure that the ring style is durable enough for their everyday activities. 


  1. Consider Heirloom Jewelry

Explore whether it might be right to reimagine some heirloom jewelry pieces from either of your families. This can add a unique and personal touch to the engagement ring, creating a piece with emotional value. It can also help keep the budget manageable. 


  1. Gather Photos of Rings

Encourage your partner to gather photos of rings they like. This visual reference will help in creating a shared vision for the perfect engagement ring. It will also help the jeweler nail down the perfect design. 


  1. Talk About Values and Ethics

To ensure that the ring aligns with your partner’s values and ethics, we highly recommend discussing the importance of sustainability in selecting stones and metals. By using traceable or lab-grown stones, and selecting Fairmined metals, you can create a ring that honors not only your love, but also our planet and its people. 


  1. Schedule a Consultation Call

Plan a consultation call with a jeweler (like us!) to help translate your ideas into a beautifully crafted ring. This stage can be easy and fun - the final step in ensuring that your special piece exceeds expectations.


Remember, each journey to finding or designing the perfect engagement ring is as unique as your relationship. There is no one right way or right design; each ring embodies your special journey together. Enjoy the process, and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out. Happy proposing!




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