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Helping Hands at W.R. Metalarts!


Being a small business means all of our work is collaborative and the result of the hard work of so many people! Our team is made up of some seriously incredible people too. Our metalsmiths Will and Vanessa are the heart and soul behind every beautiful W.R. Metalarts piece. To celebrate our teamwork and collaboration as creatives and businesses they have brought a brand new line to life to add to our catalog collections!

Check out our "Together Apart" collection now available!



Will and Vanessa met at Earlham college in Richmond Indiana. Vanessa was two years above Will and she was his TA in his very first college metalsmithing class! They became fast friends and Will ended up working as a TA with her! They even took an intensive course on the ancient art of mokume gane together. After gratuating Vanessa went on to pursue her masters' degree in metalsmithing from University of Miami in Ohio. She now works as a professor at the university and is also super skilled in ceramics and woodworking. 

Will and Vanessa have collaborated on many projects together over the years. She has always been a mentor to Will and has helped him countless times on various projects over the years. Throughout the years they have supported each other in building their own businesses and have turned to each other for support and ideas in their amazing projects. From sharing techniques, ethical stone sources, and business advice they have always supported each other in their artwork. 

In celebration of Vanessa joining our team as a metalsmith, she and Will have launched a new line in the W.R. Metalarts catalog! They have named it The Together Apart collection in honor of all of the friendships and relationships that have found ways to persist through the separations we have had to endure over the past year. Watching the ways our clients and community have found ways to create closeness in their hearts even when their loved ones are far away has been such an inspiration! We are celebrating you all and we hope that this new collection brings a new way for you to share some love with your favorite people! 



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