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Client Spotlight: Alida & Mercy

Love stories are often filled with beautiful surprises, and Alida and Mercy's journey to their dream wedding rings is no exception. Alida and Mercy both knew that they wanted to make their rings with us here at W.R. Metalarts, but Mercy didn’t know that Alida would successfully pull off the surprise of a lifetime. This story is one where love meets art - and we are so happy to have been a part of it! Join us as we reflect on getting to know Alida and Mercy, learning about their perfect wedding ring vision, and making that dream come to life in a super fun way. 


Getting to know Alida and Mercy  

Alida and Mercy's love story began in the summer of 2021, when they instantly knew they had found their perfect match. From the very beginning, their connection was undeniable, and they soon realized they were meant to be together forever. After getting engaged on New Year's Day, with Mercy proposing using a Claddagh ring, the couple turned their attention to planning their wedding. 

While exploring different wedding ring options, they discovered W.R.Metalarts and were drawn to our nature-inspired mokume gane rings. They also felt connected to our commitment to sustainability, knowing that they would feel great about wearing rings that were ethically made. 

wr metalarts lesbian engagement wedding rings

The planning stage

Driven by her love for Mercy and a desire to surprise her, Alida filled out an inquiry form on our website on her own. Together with Alida, our team learned more about what style of rings would work best for the lovebirds. We chatted, asked questions, shared pictures, and reviewed which catalog pieces spoke most to Alida’s heart and intuition. 

During the consultation process, Alida told us how important it was to incorporate sentimental elements into their wedding rings. She knew she wanted to use her grandfather's gold wedding band, and a treasured silver earring and necklace set with small diamonds from her grandmother. Alida's idea of repurposing these heirlooms resonated deeply with her, as a way of infusing their rings with the cherished memories of her family.

In addition to incorporating family jewelry, Alida knew that Mercy’s perfect wedding ring would need to take into account her active lifestyle. We were happy to design a durable ring for Mercy that would hold up during her kitchen and garden work - without sacrificing the sparkle, of course. 

WR Metalarts Inclusive Engagement and Wedding Jewelry

The big reveal

Alida’s vision culminated in a tri-metal mokume gane combination of rose gold, yellow gold, and silver, with her grandfather's yellow gold serving as the liner. She chose a solitary stone for Mercy, using a vintage diamond to add a timeless touch. 

WR Metalarts bespoke engagement rings LGBTQIA+

For her own ring, Alida opted for a simple, textured band made from her heirloom gold. With this ring, she will always carry a piece of her family history with her while she continues on in her own love story

Once the rings were ready to go, Alida invited Mercy to join her for an initial “design consultation” here at W.R. Metalarts. Little did Mercy know, her rings were already waiting for her. A total surprise for Mercy!  

WR Metalarts bespoke inclusive engagement ring

A memorable experience for everyone 

It truly brings us joy to help create surprises and special moments that celebrate love and jewelry. We are so happy to have been a part of Alida and Mercy’s journey, and we think the rings turned out perfectly. Luckily Alida and Mercy agreed, saying, “the finished products are GORGEOUS and even better than we could have imagined!”

Everyone deserves the perfect ring to celebrate their unique partnership. To start your journey with us, just follow Alida’s footsteps and fill out our inquiry form. We will get back to you quickly and start working together to make your vision a reality! 



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