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All About Salt and Pepper Diamonds

As long as there have been engagement rings folks have searched for the most perfect, most flawless, most stereotypical version of a diamond for them. But recently the industry has seen a shift towards uniqueness and individuality in gemstones. As more and more people are learning to love themselves they are seeking out things that make them happy rather than just following consumerist trends. Enter: the salt and pepper diamond.

With no way to grade these stones and no two being the same they exist outside of classification and can only be valued by how much YOU love them. These stunning stones were previously passed over and only used for industrial purposes but people looking for something totally unique in their jewelry have rescued them and turned them into pieces that will be cherished for generations.

What is a salt and pepper diamond?

Salt and pepper diamonds are diamonds that have visible black and white inclusions (visible marks inside the gemstone). These inclusions developed as the diamond crystal was formed deep underground by carbon and other minerals making each stone totally unique. 

Can I get matching salt and pepper diamonds?

No! That's what makes them so special. Your salt and pepper diamond is one of a kind with a specific chemical structure that formed once and will never be formed exactly the same again. Your salt and pepper diamond could be like a night sky: deep black with flecks of sparkling white, or like a mystical looking glass: stark clear with flecks of black, or anything in between! And because salt and pepper diamonds are so unique and draw folks with an eye for the quirky stone cutters cut some pretty cool shapes out of salt and pepper stones that would be hard to find in traditional white diamonds. We are especially big fans of hexagons, rose cuts, and kite shapes for salt and pepper diamonds.

Do you have salt and pepper diamonds?

We had to pause our salt and pepper offering for some time as we needed to investigate the sources through which we were sourcing our stones. We are now thrilled to announce we can reintroduce these unique diamonds to our collection! 

You already know the drill - ethical sourcing and sustainability are at the core of everything we do so when we weren't able to consistently verify the sourcing of our salt and pepper stones we stopped carrying them and began and in-depth investigation. The challenge with salt and pepper diamonds has historically been their association with sources marred by ethical concerns and environmental repercussions and we wanted to make sure we were in no way contributing to these issues.


Are salt and pepper diamonds ethical? Can salt and pepper diamonds be sourced ethically?

Recently, we received exciting news about Canadian-origin salt and pepper diamonds—a revelation that perfectly aligns with our principles. These diamonds come from a source known for its ethical practices and responsible environmental stewardship, enabling us to reintroduce them to our collection with confidence.

Many other jewelers don't investigate their salt and pepper diamond sources resulting in the promotion of unethical sourcing practices. Rest assured that we have done the work and only source stones that we can confidently stand behind.

Explore our salt and pepper diamond collection:

Discover our newly launched salt and pepper diamond collection, featuring stunning rings like "The Sweet Pea Salt and Pepper Ring" and the enchanting "Mokume Salt and Pepper Pear Solitaire." These rings showcase the uniqueness of salt and pepper diamonds, with each piece telling a story as unique as its wearer. 

Want to choose your own salt and pepper stone? We can help! Contact us if you want to choose the salt and pepper diamond used for your project yourself and we would be happy to provide you a curated selection based on your budget and preferences. You can even customize any of our existing designs with a salt and pepper diamond! Or if you want to create something totally new and one-of-a-kind you can start a custom design (these are our favorites!).

Celebrating differences!

As champions of the LGBTQIA2S+ community, and members of the poly community, we understand the profound beauty of embracing individuality. Salt and pepper diamonds beautifully capture this essence. They defy convention, mirroring the undefinable nature of love, and they exude a bewitching charm that distinguishes them from tradition.

Salt and pepper diamonds are more than mere gemstones; they are a celebration of imperfection and uniqueness. Let's craft a ring as extraordinary as your love story!


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