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All About Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are a wonderful alternative to mined stones! They are just as sparkly, aren't extracted from the earth, and affordable!  You can get a much higher quality lab-grown stone than a natural stone with the same cost.  


In 2015, the world’s largest diamond mining companies, including De Beers, Alrosa and Rio Tinto, started the Diamond Producers Association because the lab-growing industry has taken away business from their monopolies on the diamond supply and presented serious competition. De Beers themselves have started their own lab-growing enterprise to compete, branded as "Lightbox" in an effort to control the market further.
The Diamond Producers Association has used various marketing campaigns with slogans like, "Real is rare. Real is a diamond." and "only natural diamonds" in an effort to perpetuate the high demand for newly-mined diamonds. However, lab-grown diamonds are 'real' diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds and earth-grown diamonds are chemically identical so the choice really comes down to you. And there are pros and cons to either choice. We are very aware of the possibility of financial mobility that comes to small mining communities when they are able to continue mining, which is why we are consistently doing more research, networking, and building relationships so we can work directly with artisanal miners and support these family businesses. One big concern with lab-grown stones is the amount of energy it takes to produce them. Though a lab-grown stone that is produced using fossil fuels does have a negative environmental impact, traditional mining requires ten times the amount of energy it takes to create one in a lab.

We are constantly striving to provide you with the highest quality, most ethical, and most environmentally friendly options when buying a ring and we are so excited to announce that we have found a lab-grown diamond supplier that is the first certified carbon-neutral lab-grown diamond producer in the world! The Diamond Foundry's stones are sustainably grown in the USA in a foundry completely powered by hydropower.

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