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All About Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds have long been touted as an eco-friendly alternative to mined stones, boasting identical sparkle and quality without the environmental toll. However, our perspective surrounding the ethicality of lab-grown diamonds has evolved through the years. While lab-grown diamonds are indeed chemically identical to natural diamonds and often offer superior quality and affordability, we no longer view them as our most ethical diamond sourcing option.

In our quest for transparency and ethical standards, we now consider artisanally mined natural diamonds with known origins as the pinnacle of ethical sourcing. This is because sourcing artisanally mined diamonds from transparent initiatives can directly benefit small mining communities, creating a positive impact rather than a neutral or negative one, as is the case with lab-grown or recycled stones.

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We still acknowledge the merits of lab-grown diamonds, particularly their affordability and sometimes superior quality. However, recent developments have highlighted significant concerns. Sourcing lab-grown diamonds has become increasingly challenging, with many US-based factories closing, leading to ambiguity regarding their origins and production conditions.

Also, the global shipping involved in distributing lab-grown diamonds raises environmental red flags, contradicting their eco-friendly image. While they may require less energy to produce initially, their supply chain logistics contribute to their carbon footprint.


In light of these considerations, we now view lab-grown diamonds not as the most ethical alternative, but rather as an option for those prioritizing affordability and quality, albeit with some transparency and environmental trade-offs.

Our commitment to providing ethical and environmentally friendly options remains unwavering. We continue to work with trusted partners like Stuller, leveraging their GIA facility for verification and testing. Additionally, we actively seek out transparently sourced artisanal diamonds from entities like Root Diamond and Ethos Diamonds. These initiatives ensure that every diamond purchase positively impacts mining communities.

For those exploring alternatives beyond lab-grown and natural diamonds, we invite you to explore our White Stones Blog for a comprehensive overview of other options available.


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