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What to know before buying a wood ring

Have you ever thought about getting a ring made out of wood or with wooden inlay? We have all the info for you to make the best decision about your work of art!


Are wooden rings durable? Do wooden rings last?

Unfortunately wooden rings are not durable and will only last about a decade even with the highest standard of care. They are much more fragile than metal rings and should be worn with the utmost care.

We have made rings in the past that have wooden inlay and do everything possible to make sure they will last as long as possible and give our clients all of the info below before they make the final decision about their rings. Unfortunately, wood rings do not hold up to our high standards for durability. 

Can you get wood rings wet?

Ideally you shouldn’t get your wood ring wet at all to maximize its durability and make sure your ring lasts for as long as possible. 

How can I make my wood ring stronger?

Making sure your ring has a metal liner is the best way to make your wood ring last for as long as possible. However the only downside to having a liner is that wood and metal have different thermal expansion rates so metal will move more or less than wood so these materials will want to pull apart over time. Having a liner is still a more durable option than just a wood ring alone.

How thick should my wood ring be?

Your ring should be at least 2mm thick and 1.5mm high for maximum durability.


How long can wood rings last?

Wooden rings are not nearly as strong as metal and will only last for at most a decade. Their softness makes them prone to much more wear and tear than gold or platinum rings. There are certain things you can do to make your ring last for as long as possible.


How can I make my wood ring last as long as possible?

  • We recommend making your ring using a bentwood process rather than carving it from solid wood. Solid wood rings are carved out of a piece of wood wood, whereas bentwood rings are made out of very thin strips of wood inlayed into metal. This results in a more durable ring.
  • Make sure your ring has a reliable protective coating (such as polyurethane, glue, epoxy, or another varnish) and is refinished as needed.
  • Make sure your ring has a metal lining and ideally metal edges, minimizing the amount of wood exposed.
  • Do not get your wood ring wet and remove the ring before swimming, showering, cleaning, gardening or any other activities that could submerge the ring or cause damage. Please be aware that many chemicals can damage the finish and the wood of the ring so be sure to remove it before handling any chemicals - even something like hand sanitizer will cause major damage to the finish of your ring.

What wood should my wood ring be made of?

We recommend a durable type of wood for your ring such as oak, maple, or cherry.

Can I resize my wood ring?

Rings with any type of inlay cannot be resized so make sure you have the correct size when you order your ring! You can order a ring sizer here. Please be aware that your ring size can change throughout the day and will change throughout the year and your life so your ring might fit at one point in time and not another. 

Are there rings that look like wood but last a lifetime?

Yes! We have great alternatives to wood rings that will last generations but give the gorgeous rustic look of a wooden ring. You can explore our woodgrain carved bands and mokume gane bands to find your perfect nature-inspired ring! Mokume gane will give you the look of a woodgrain ring but in metal the best. It translates from Japanese to “wood grain,” and is comprised of 25 layers of metal fused and twisted together to mimics the look of wood.

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