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What Even is a Ring Shank??

Engagement Ring Band Styles

Picking out an engagement ring is definitely a nerve-wracking experience! There are so many different variables - stone type, color, shape and size, metal type, detailing, side stones, setting style...the list goes on!


It's so easy to get overwhelmed by how many little details there are - that's why we have broken the process down into individual decisions to make bringing your ring to life an absolute breeze!
One of the most influential design details is the band (also called a shank) style. This small detail can totally change the look of a ring. Here are some of our favorites:

Straight Half Round
The classic half-round solitaire. This is likely the ring you picture when you think of an engagement ring. The rounded edges make it comfortable to wear and it is definitely a classic for a reason! This timeless design never goes out of style!
Reverse Tapered
The style is a romantic and vintage take on the classic half-round style. With a narrowing shank it can also make the stone look larger. This delicate band can also elongate the finger.                                                                     
This durable and vintage style is a great way to showcase metalwork on a ring. This style is super sleek and looks beautiful with all sorts of setting styles.                                                                                                                                                                                             
Bypass (Embrace)
This modern style has a beautiful movement to it that encircles the main stone. Unlike other ring shank styles this band becomes parted when each side reaches the stone. This style is easily customized and can even be combined with others like the reverse taper - this can be seen on rings like our Aquamarine Embrace.
Split Shank
This vintage style can be seen on many rings throughout history. This style is highly customizable - making the split larger, smaller, more or less pointed - all of these are ways to make the  ring more romantic, dramatic, subtle, or complex. This band gives a beautiful movement to a design without sacrificing durability and style.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
Knife Edge
This sleek and modern design has gotten more and more popular over the past few years. Though it may look sharp it is still super comfortable to wear and the edge can be softened as much as you'd like. The angled edges make the band appear thinner and can make the center stone appear larger as well.


What about adding some more stones?
Adding some sparkle around the band or the center stone can make really take the ring to the next level!
This style features a trail of tiny stones along the band of a ring. Pavé is French for pathway and makes it appear that the ring is "paved" with these tiny sparkling stones. 
This style can be paired with many other shank styles. It refers to the halo of stones surrounding the center stone which can add an extra level of sparkle to a ring. 
Pavé and Halo
If you want the maximum level of sparkle then this is it! Having a gorgeous center stone surrounded by a shining halo and a pavé band means this ring will be a show-stopper from every angle.
Don't see your dream ring style here?
We can bring it to life! Click here to tell us all about your vision.


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