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Stone Spotlight: Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Color: Light Pink to Super Light Pink

Our Sources: Tripp Mine in Alstead, NH and Bumpus Mine in Albany, ME

Stone Cutting:  All of our Rose Quartz is hand cut by Donny, our stonecutter, in New Hampshire, USA.  




More on Rose Quartz: 

Rose quartz is known as the "mothering crystal." For centuries it has been thought to have healing properties for love, self-love, deep inner healing and feelings of peace. It has been used to heal the body and heart after birth, pregnancy loss, post-partum and other times of trauma or self-doubt.

More on Our Commitment to Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing:

We go beyond sourcing stones that are "conflict free" because we view the certification as problematic in several ways. First of all, it excludes small family mining and refining businesses that are unable to afford the certification, but who are producing excellent products by putting their money into paying their employees and ensuring safe conditions rather than paying the costly fee for certification (if you are familiar with the challenges of "organic farming" certifications in the US, this is a similar phenomenon). Second, the "conflict-free" certification only means that company has had to prove that profits have not gone to fund civil war activities in certain conflict regions---it does not ensure safe working conditions, fair wages, or safe and sustainable environmental practices. Another growing concern are the labor abuses that take place in large stone cutting factories worldwide, which conflict free certifications do not regulate. 

We find that sourcing directly from local cutters and miners is the best way to insure ethical, responsible and sustainable sourcing, practices and conditions.  Through direct relationships, ongoing assessment and accountability we continue to strengthen and develop these practices and the demands for them.  

Thank you for supporting responsible and sustainable sourcing!  It is truly an honor! 


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