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Stone Spotlight: Amethyst

Amethysts from Columbia Gem House

Color: Soft lavender to deep purple.

Our Sources: Maine Mineral and Gem Museum. We often use stones mined as part of the intergalactic Find (also called the Fourth of July find) in the mid 1990's. Mined by the Intergalactic Mining Corporation at the Eastman Prospect at Deer Hill in Stow, ME.

Stone Cutting:  We source pre-cut pieces.  


  More on Amethyst

This stone is the birthstone for February and is also associated with the zodiac sun sign of pisces. The ancient Greeks believed that this crystal got its purple color from Dionysus, the god of wine, pouring wine over it. There are many beliefs that associate amethyst with peace and it is believed to have a calming affect on whoever wears it.

More on Our Commitment to Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing:

We go beyond sourcing stones that are "conflict free" because we view the certification as problematic in several ways. First of all, it excludes small family mining and refining businesses that are unable to afford the certification, but who are producing excellent products by putting their money into paying their employees and ensuring safe conditions rather than paying the costly fee for certification (if you are familiar with the challenges of "organic farming" certifications in the US, this is a similar phenomenon). Second, the "conflict-free" certification only means that company has had to prove that profits have not gone to fund civil war activities in certain conflict regions---it does not ensure safe working conditions, fair wages, or safe and sustainable environmental practices. Another growing concern are the labor abuses that take place in large stone cutting factories worldwide, which conflict free certifications do not regulate. 

We find that sourcing directly from local cutters and miners is the best way to insure ethical, responsible and sustainable sourcing, practices and conditions.  Through direct relationships, ongoing assessment and accountability we continue to strengthen and develop these practices and the demands for them.  

Thank you for supporting responsible and sustainable sourcing!  It is truly an honor! 





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