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Orange Gemstones for your Project

Frank Sinatra once said that “orange is the happiest color,” and we couldn’t agree more! Orange gemstones are the perfect option for those who are looking for a piece that is unique and eye catching.





Oregon Sunstone

The Oregon sunstone is a stunning light orange gemstone. It is regarded as a stone of optimism and goodwill (and who doesn’t need more of that?). It is called the sunstone due to the varying colors that resemble a sunset. It comes in orange, gold, and light browns. The darker orange shades are due to the schiller effect. This occurs because select sources of this stone have traces of copper giving it this vibrant hue.

Orange Sapphires

These stones vary from light pastel orange to a vivid orange-red hue. Orange sapphires are an excellent choice for those looking to create a piece of jewelry that will stand the test of time. They are extremely resilient and are perfect for everyday wear. We source our sapphires from Montana from ethical and sustainable mines.


When it comes to garnets, we are drawn to grossular garnets and spessartite garnets. Grossular garnets have an incredible wide range of color options including a deep orange. Spessartite garnets are generally a more vibrant color if you are looking for an orange that really pops!


Citrine is a variety of crystal that offers a beautiful pastel orange coloring. Citrines are thought to absorb negative energy (yes please!) and are perfect for pendants and rings!


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