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Introducing the Dapper Line!

We have some exciting news...we have a new collection!!

Meet the Dapper Line! A collection filled with cufflinks, tie bars, and ultra-wearable bracelets. Any of these pieces will turn your classic suit into a whole new sophisticated look! 



This collection began when Will was searching for elegant masculine jewelry pieces and came to life with the intention of celebrating positive masculinity and all things debonair!

Why Dapper?
Dapper: A style for folks of all genders who express themselves through a sophisticated masculine or androgynous look with comfort and confidence.

This collection explores queer masculinity, and the androgyny of traditional masculine pieces with feminine elements (such as gemstones, intricate carvings, and delicate patterns). Our three metalsmiths, Will, Vanessa, and Martin, came together in the creation of this line to showcase their talents in metalwork and passion for the representation of all identities and styles in our work.

This non-traditional collection is meant to elevate accessories for those that identify as more masculine, non-binary, gender fluid, dapper, androgynous, or just anyone who wants to be a bit more dashing and debonair.

What is in this collection?
From cufflinks, to tie bars, to cuff bracelets this genderless collection has pieces that are created to elevate any debonair look.

Who is this collection for?
This collection is for all folks who exemplify positive masculinity in any and all forms and want to accessorize their look. And any piece from this collection makes the PERFECT gift for someone looking to level up their tie, cuffs, or general look in a debonair way.


Shop the Dapper Line today!

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