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How to Build your Multi-Ring Set

You may be dreaming of a multi-ring stack for yourself, for one partner or multiple - we're here for you! When it comes to pairing new bands with sparkling rings you already have or creating a complete stacking set from scratch, the possibilities are nearly endless! We’ve put together an illustrated guide to help you create the ring set of your dreams. 

We honor and celebrate the diversity of relationship structures by asking and using our clients' language for each project we make. For brevity, we're using the terms 'engagement ring' and 'wedding band' throughout this blog, though we hope this guide is helpful for all types of multi-ring stacks!

Straight Bands

Straight gold band paired with The Fairmined Arizona Peridot Trillion-Cut Carved Solitaire

Straight bands, like our Classic Band or The Diamond Pavé Band, are a timeless stacking option. Engagement rings that have an elevated stone setting will allow these straight bands to slip right underneath, so both rings touch without a gap.

Contour Bands

Contour bands are curved or angled to follow the silhouette of a solitaire or multi-stone ring, allowing multiple rings to stack closely together. These are the perfect companion to a low-set engagement ring. You may even choose to have more open space between the rings, adding another dimension to your stack.

Nesting Bands


Two nesting bands


Nesting bands are the perfect option when you want the rings to fit very closely to each other. If your rings have a unique profile, such as our Notched or Olive Branch designs, nesting bands will fit into each other like puzzle pieces, leaving little to no gap between the rings. If we’re hand-casting your rings, we can achieve a closer alignment by creating both rings at the same time. If we’re designing your rings using CAD, we are easily able to create matched companion rings, long after the first ring has been made.

Open Bands
Open Contour Band

Open bands have a small gap in the top of the ring shank, which creates space for a stone or stone cluster to sit in between the two ends of the band. This is a great option to complement larger stone settings and they have a distinctive, modern look when worn on their own!

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