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Etching Mokume Gane

After the billet* is made, the next step of making mokume gane is creating the pattern. One way this is achieved is by twisting the all the layers of different metals. After that we hammer out the twisted billet and form it into the ring shank. After fitting the liner to the ring, forming the profile and completing the initial finishing work (smoothing out the surface of the metal) it's on to etching!




For etching we place the ring in acid to dissolve some of the layers while leaving others untouched. Through this process the silver layers are put in relief against the untouched gold layers, creating contrast and definition between the layers. This highlights the beautiful woodgrain texture and brings out the complexity of the mokume gane pattern.  

You can find three different examples of the levels of etching (even no etching!) we can do on mokume gane rings below.


*Billet = bar of metal that is made from a stack of metal layers, in mokume the layers are alternating metals so that they bond together. These bonds are called eutectic bonds.


Mokume Gane No Etch Example:



Mokume Gane Light Etch Example:


Mokume Gane Medium Etch Example:

Mokume Gane Heavy Etch Example:

No matter your preference we are happy to create your dream ring!




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