Custom Design FAQ

Q: What is your process for custom rings?

We generally begin with a free 30 minute design consult over Zoom. If you are excited to move forward after that, we ask for a $300 design deposit (non-refundable, but applied toward your final balance). We will do three sketches, research stones and metals and budget options and we’ll chat back and forth until we come up with a design that you love and fits the budget. We will produce one final sketch, and a final quote. We will create a custom invoice for the balance less the design deposit once we finalize the design and give you a final quote. 

Q: How much do custom rings cost?

It varies! Since much of the cost of custom jewelry is dependent on the complexity of design, size and width of the piece, and the type and quality of materials we can customize a design to fit budgets of $1,000-$20,000. It is helpful for us to know a ballpark budget as we approach the design process so that we can know are we designing a $1,000 ring, $3,000? $8,000? That way we can give you guidance on design elements that will fit within the budget. Our minimum for full custom designs is $2,000. We are happy to work with you to customize any of our existing designs to fit your budget if a full custom design isn't a good fit. Here are a couple tips for getting the most out of your custom ring budget:

-Several factors influence the cost of rings: type, quality and size of stones, width of band, type of metal, intricacy/complexity of band design, and design time. 

-You can save on design time by doing research ahead of time and coming prepared to make some decisive design and materials choices. 

Q: How long does it take to produce a custom piece?

Currently it takes us about 12 weeks to complete a ring from the time we finalize the design, depending on the complexity of the design and materials. Typically, design time takes an additional 3-8 weeks--again you speed up the design process by doing research ahead of time! We can offer a rush production for $150-$500 (depending on the project and the timeline) plus expedited shipping costs. We make ourselves readily available to assist with any and all design decisions, however it is the client's ultimate responsibility to make a final decision and allow enough time for production. We will send you lots of friendly reminders!

Q: Can I use family/heirloom stones to create a new ring?

Absolutely! We love to use family/heirloom stones in our designs. Please be aware that in order to obtain the stones from the original piece, the setting on the original piece may no longer be viable.

Q: Can you cast a ring that I have into a new piece using the same metal?

In some cases, yes! We have made some beautiful pieces by casting together old family jewelry. We are only able to cast heirloom metal into liners for our mokume rings and other hand-cast designs like solid bands. In order to use the same metal the design must be cast (as opposed to fabricated). It may also depend on the alloy of the old metal. Many old alloys contain nickel which can make them difficult and unreliable to work with. We would be happy to discuss your project and talk about the possibilities! 

Q: Can I trade you gold for a credit to my account?

Yes, in most cases we can offer a credit equal to the current scrap value of the gold.

Q: Can I trade you diamonds for a credit to my account?

Sometimes! As a small business we do not always have the cash on hand to purchase diamonds for credit, however if we have a current project that we can use the stones in we would be most happy to source them from your recycled jewelry!

Q: What is your return policy for custom rings?

We make every possible effort to ensure  that you absolutely love the ring you receive. Each of our custom rings is a design completely tailored to you---therefore we are not able to offer returns on custom rings. In order to ensure that you love your design, we have you approve design elements every step of the way. If you are there is a craftsmanship defect when your ring arrives, we will make ever effort to correct or repair it so long as we are notified within 14 days of delivery (see our returns policy for more information). 

Q: Who retains the copyrights and rights to reproduction of custom designs?

We retain all the rights to our custom designs, which includes and is not limited to the right to reproduce the designs as custom works or for sale in our eCommerce store, without limitation, at any time.  Unless otherwise noted in a written agreement, all custom designs are considered intellectual property of W.R. Metalarts. If a client wishes to purchase the rights to their custom design, this is available at a fee. We do occasionally provide fabrication services to individuals or designers who wish to have their own designs fabricated--these services are clearly noted as fabrication services. Unless your product was noted as a fabrication service, it is considered a custom design, and W.R. Metalarts retains the rights to reproduction. 

Q: Are you able to do work or repairs on heirloom pieces?

Sometimes! We would need to assess a piece in person to establish if we are able to work on it. Please be aware there is a certain amount of risk involved when working on pieces that we did not make. Our insurance will cover any workmanship issues on our own end but for example if we unset an heirloom stone that is chipped or cracked and it breaks or is damaged further in the unsetting process we cannot replace it. We are happy to resize and work on rings we did not make but there is always a chance that there are unforeseen issues with the piece that can cause problems in our work on it. To work on heirloom pieces they must be solid gold (we can make occasional exceptions for platinum or silver depending on the alloy) and must be stamped of the metal quality. Our studio fee for work on pieces we did not make is $86/hr for any work done.